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Established in 1980, Wellco is dedicated to develop computer accessory technology and pioneered the related fields with very competitive price & good quality in world market. With number of award-winning products we continually strive to improve our products and services in all our business scope. Wellco factories are located in Chun-An town, Dong Guan Hi-Tech Industrial Area, close to Hong Kong facilitating quick worldwide and low cost delivery. With the growing numbers of manufacturer and the fiercely embattled market, we future are able to respond to the permanent changing market quickly and flexibly.

As we work to create products, we remain committed to provide superior customer service and insist in the original quality and never stop exploring the new ideas and better solutions to keep on providing our customer for the higher quality products as for these products are designated to penetrate into all well-known global market. Wellco has implemented a quality control system that strictly conforms to international standards. To ensure that our products are made to meet the safety standard, we have obtained CE, FCC, E-mark, UL, CCC, and KTL approvals and produced under ISO9002 system. Our factories have total 3 floors with 11,000m2 in area, and over 600 workers. We provide an exhaustive range of OEM/ODM services and the fastest progress for each customers' ordering. Our goal is to achieve total satisfaction for each Wellco customer's served.
Our commitment to service is evident from the time we initiate a relationship with a customer through implementation and on to the provision of ongoing technical support. Sharing our customer is satisfaction and success has become the greatest stimulation of our production and service effort. We believe we can be the most reliable computer accessory manufacturer to our customer and continue to aim for the best to satisfy our worldwide customers. For more information, Do not hesitate, Contact us now.


Taiwan Head Quarter:

Wellco T&C Co., Ltd.

16F-9, No.831, Chung Cheng Road, ChungHo City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
台北縣中和市中正路831號16F - 9.

Direct sale line : 86-1536 1506 983 (overseas), 02-2921 8849 (local)
e-mail : wellco@wellco.com.tw
web :  http://www.wellco.com.tw ,  Wellco profile 

威耳國際企業有限公司  深圳分公司
廣東省,深圳市,寶安區,松崗鎮, 宝安大道 松明大道 交汇处, 温馨雅苑

Wellco T&C Co., Ltd,  ShenZhen branch office,
WenSingYaYuan Building, cross road of BaoAn Ave. & SungMin Ave., SungGun Town, BaoAn district, ShenZhen city, GuanDong province, China. 
e-mail : wellco-sz@wellco.com.tw  

Pin terminal stamping_Plastic injection_PCB assembly
Pin terminal stamping 各式五金端子沖壓
Plastic injcetion 各式朔膠成型射出
PCB assembly 各式 PCB組裝

OEM / ODM / Customer special design is very welcome.

Agent Wanted

Our strongs :

   Pin terminal stamping / Plastic injection / PCB assembly
   OEM / ODM / Customer special design is very welcome.

* Sim card connector, Smart (IC) card connector , SD card connector
* micro SD (TF) card connector , Combo type , CF card connector ,
* Wire to Board connector , Board to Board connector
* (Mobile phone) Battery connector , iPOD connectors
* RF/SMA/SMB/BNC connector & cable assembly
* FPC/FFC connector & cable assembly
* Cable assembly & wire harness
* (mini / micro) USB cable , HDMI / D-sub / SATA / Optical cables.
* RJ45 Modular Jack (with transformer)
* USB (3.0) connector , mini USB connector, micro SUB connector
* RCA (Pin) Jack , Push terminal , Scart (RGB) connectors
* 2.5 Phone Jack , 2.5 Phone Jack (SMT)
* 3.5 Phone Jack , 3.5 Phone Jack (SMT) , 6.4 Phone Jack series.
* DC Power Jack , DC Power Jack (SMT) , Din Socket
* D-sub connector, DVI connector, Power connectors.
* SATA connector & plug , SATA II connector , HDMI connector
* Diode

Wellco China invitation, (factory audit) :

For further business cooperation, it is our sincere hope to invite you if you have the future schedule to go to Wellco China factories to understand more about us, and we can discuss further more about our mutual business cooperation.

China factory location :
Cable factory : located in ChungAn town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. (500 workers, ISO9000, ISO14000)rofile
e-mail : wellco-cable@wellco.com.tw

Connector factory : located in ChungAn town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. (500 workers, ISO9000, ISO14000) ofil
e-mail : wellco-connector@wellco.com.tw


wellco logoStory

      本公司(威耳國際企業有限公司, 以下簡稱Wellco  ) 經營事業, 首重誠信.

      主力產品 其中一項為 電腦週邊3C商品,如 : 筆電, 數位相機, Led電視+顯示屏, 隨身碟, 網路攝影機 (Web Cam),

       ... 等,  本公司為專業製造廠商(廠房位於大陸), 價錢有絕對競爭優勢. 亦歡迎同行或異業"策略聯盟".


      Wellco 對國內外客戶, 以優良品質與服務導向. 服務廣大的客戶與消費者.

      特此聲明 : Wellco 不只賣商品, 也賣本公司的口碑與信用. 誠摯希望得到客戶對 Wellco 的認同

      與滿意度.  Wellco 本業為專業電子零件起始, 主力產品之一為影音視訊插座 (如 RCA Pin Jack,

      Phone Jack, AC/DC Power Jack), 適用產品, 如 電視,音響,錄放機,DVD,及電腦周邊產品.

      發展至今, 現在主力產品以各式連接器(Connector)與線材(Cable)為主. 外銷市場為 歐 美 日 韓 新 馬 中東 ... 等,

      世界各國及大陸 香港為主. 知名客戶 如 : Samsung, Sony,  Sharp, Toshiba. Vestel. Flextronic.  Mivar,

      Bitel/Korea, 以及台灣電子五哥 (前五大) : Foxconn(富士康), Quanta(广达), Asus(华硕), Compal(仁宝), BenQ(明基)

      … etc. 工廠位於大陸東莞/廣東省及溫州/浙江省.


      現更跨足 網際網路事業版圖,  3C相關熱銷產品 以及 女性保養 /化妝品, 家庭實用性產品 ... 等相關行業,

      主力產品如 : 一系列電子商務資料庫 (套裝)軟體, 電腦3C商品 及 網站/網頁 專業設計 & 女性相關產品 / 香水產品

       ...等, (新事業部門, 如 餐飲業, 汽車業 正積極布局規劃中), 除了在現有電子業的基礎下, 繼續開拓 歐 美 亞 等

       國外市場之外; 更積極介入中國大陸市場, 有計劃的在中國大陸各大城市,  陸續成立Wellco 分公司 / 連鎖店, 

       經銷商 或 其它策略聯盟方式, 以符合並創造市場需求.

       Wellco 期許我們的表現, 就如同 wellco logo  logo 一樣, "金字招牌 閃閃發亮" Wellco

       Wellco 現有事業部門 如下 :

      a. 電子零件事業部

      b. 軟體開發事業部

      c. 硬體維修事業部

      d. 網路商城事業部

      e. 禮品贈品事業部

      f. 新事業部門 如 餐飲業, 汽車業 正積極布局規劃中


      企業文化 : 誠信 負責 效率 創新 永恆

      企業顏色 : 紅色, 金色

      公司品牌 : Wellco

      公司官網 : wellco.com.tw


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